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what is the cost of the integrated wall panel?


what is the cost of the integrated wall panel? Is it expensive?

When we ask this question, we must have learned the defect of traditional decoration: high labor cost, long construction period, and can not be installed and live. But integrated wall panel are not these defect,it is more easy installation, more environment project ,cheaper labor cost, and do not worry about formaldehyde and other toxic gases. Not only saved your money, but also saved you a lot of time.

What is the cost of integrated wall panel? Different regions ,different brands ,different quality are caused different cost.

Therefore, when choosing the integrated Wall brand, we can compare from the following two aspects, and choose the integrated wall panel brand with high cost performance.

How much is the price of integrated wall panel

1. What is the cost of the integrated panel with the factory price of one square meter:

Integrated wall production has two steps, one is the production of substrate, the other is film coating. Nowadays, the common integrated wall panel in the market is bamboo wood fiber integrated wall panel . It's materials are mainly made of bamboo powder, wood powder, resin, calcium powder and other materials and then extrusion forming by high temperature . Do not need secondary processing, it greatly reducing the production cost.

According to the current price of wood flour and PVC resin, the minimum average production value is 35 yuan / m2, plus 2 yuan per square meter of water and electricity cost, 10 yuan per square meter of personnel cost, 8 yuan per square meter of advertising investment, support cost of dealers (installation guidance, advertising subsidy, store patch, etc.) about 10 yuan per square meter, and rent cost of 10 yuan per square meter. In this way, the manufacturer's factory integrated wall should be at least 70-100 yuan per square meter.

Comprehensive: the price of the factory integrated wall panel = raw material cost + factory cost + dealer support cost + maintenance cost.

2. what is the price of retail price integrated wall panel for one square meter:

Now the cost of integrated wall panel for home decoration includes: raw materials purchase, store rent, shop assistant salary, design cost, and transportation cost, which directly determines the pricing of integrated wall panel of terminal retail; another big cost is the installation cost of integrated wall panel.

Generally, two people can install a 100 square home decoration in a week. The construction is convenient and efficient. The labor cost is generally 260 yuan / day. Now, we open an integrated wall shop, which basically selects the building materials market where the demand for adult traffic is large. The store rent is generally 35 yuan to 50 yuan / m2 / month. In addition, to get good profits, it is necessary to advertising promotion in the early stage.

 If the cost of terminal sales is calculated carefully, the cost of terminal sales in the store should be doubled at least on the basis of the factory price. If you make 20 yuan per square meter, the price of integrated wall will be sold between 220 yuan and 260 yuan per square meter.

Comprehensive: the price of integrated wallboard = raw material purchase + store cost + design cost + packaging and transportation cost + maintenance cost + tax.

3. Where is the low price integrated wall?

Actually, according to the above two points, it can be seen that the normal integrated wall panel price can not be lower than 200 yuan per square meter.

But why some integrated wallboard prices is lower ? what is the cost of  the low-end integrated wall panel per square meter?

First, the price of recycled materials is basically half of the new material, so the original cost price can be reduced by at least 20 yuan per square meter. But this will produce formaldehyde, benzene, lead and other pollution hazards. Formaldehyde will emit formaldehyde as long as the indoor temperature is higher than 19 ℃. Secondly, it is the store cost. Some small wholesale enterprises only operate integrated wall panel in a grocery store, so the rent can be saved.

But this kind of practice is not good and store management will not be too long. This will inevitably lead to the late after-sales service which can not be solved.  In addition, the way can save money is reducing advertising cost and personnel wage cost.

If it is a hybrid brand, they do not need to do advertising. their advantage is that the price is low, in addition to the low price, there is no brand and no personnel services.  For material purchase ,transportation,  design and installation services, one person can complete. This cost can save dozens per square meter, but it will cause slow time, low efficiency and poor effect. So if you buy this panbel , it is equal to buy a after-sales problem home. In fact, there is a factor in the price deviation of integrated wall panel :the cost of design. If you want your home beauty ,it is better to using designer.

In conclusion, I believe you have know what is the cost of  integrated wall panel.