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In 2020, the brand proposition of Insoul Household


In 2020, the brand proposition of Insoul Household(图1)

         This is a simple and elegant blue, just like the evening sky, it can give people a feeling of peace and satisfy people's desire for peace and stability.
Blue makes people feel calm, brings peace and tranquility to people's hearts, and provides shelter. This color helps us focus our thoughts and develop innovation.

We live in an era that requires trust and faith. This blue color is reminiscent of the endless ocean, we are not afraid of the hardships and dangers of the wind and waves ...

In 2020, the brand proposition of Insoul Household(图2)

         The retelling space assist system is based on the evolution of the logo and is very flexible. More importantly, it can constantly change according to the usage scenario to form a new proportional relationship. An important point of the core logo is to output the core symbols that change with the scene uniformly and continuously, so as to realize the accumulation of visual memory assets.

In 2020, the brand proposition of Insoul Household(图3)

          Create a highly textured color system to enhance the brand quality of the meaning space. With a professional, calm dark blue, it is matched with a platinum platinum texture, gray texture, and high-end silver. From the color system to convey our brand temperament, texture, professionalism, calmness, sense of category.