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Significantly good! Canton Fair issued an invitation to 400,000 buyers, and the smart exhibition ope


  Affected by the global epidemic, traditional offline exhibitions have been blocked in the past few months and cannot be conducted in a conventional manner. Against this background, the Canton Fair, the international trade fair known as “China’s No. 1 Exhibition”, can only be considered as a new way to create an unprecedented online international trade fair.

  Now, the Ministry of Commerce of China announced that the Canton Fair has sent an invitation letter to more than 400,000 buyers to participate in online exhibitions to provide online shopping experience to customers from all over the world. At the same time, the official website of the Canton Fair officially announced the participation guidelines, confirming that the 127th Canton Fair will be held on June 15-24, 2020, with a total duration of 10 days. The exhibition will provide exhibitors and buyers with 24-hour online promotion, live broadcast marketing, supply and purchase docking, online negotiation and other functions through a newly developed docking platform. At present, the platform has been officially developed and successfully deployed.

Significantly good! Canton Fair issued an invitation to 400,000 buyers, and the smart exhibition ope(图1)

  In the past, the reason why traditional exhibitions can attract a large number of exhibitors and buyers is mainly due to the advantages of physical display of offline exhibitions, direct and comprehensive information acquisition, easy to build trust, and unique exhibition marketing atmosphere. Therefore, the smart exhibition platform is not only to create a B2B purchasing platform, but also to bring more convenient information transmission and a new exhibition business marketing method on the basis of solving the problems of online platform trust endorsement and product display. The platform launched this time combines several major scenarios of foreign trade exhibition procurement, and builds a new experience of smart online smart exhibitions:

  In the product exhibition and sales scenario, the platform provides exhibitors with a variety of display methods, such as graphics, video, 3D, etc., to display the details of the exhibits in all directions. At the same time, exhibitors can create a real-time live broadcast with one click, which can be explained at any time, and even live broadcast can be connected to the enterprise’s production line to show the company’s strength in a more real-time and intuitive manner. The private live broadcast setting allows each buyer to only see his own conversation with the anchor, and to achieve “one-to-one” business negotiation in a “one-to-many” live broadcast scenario.

  In the face-to-face inquiry scenario, the platform provides buyers with an online “face-to-face” inquiry method. Buyers can open chat windows at any time when they are interested in exhibits, inquire online through instant messaging tools, and can also schedule video conferences with exhibitors Carry out “face-to-face” communication, simulate the scene of offline business talks, eliminate the sense of distance and separation, and quickly establish the need for trust and rapid communication.

  In the case of purchase and docking, the platform provides online order management tools for both parties. Buyers who find interesting exhibits can collect and initiate the online intent procurement process in batches; exhibitors can manage and respond to the purchase orders received in the background, or use a variety of online negotiation tools to communicate directly to improve the efficiency of docking.

Significantly good! Canton Fair issued an invitation to 400,000 buyers, and the smart exhibition ope(图2)

  It is worth mentioning that the docking platform built by Tencent will support exhibitors and buyers to participate in online exhibitions 24 hours a day during the 10-day session, including about 25,000 Chinese companies in the export exhibition. , Online negotiation with overseas buyers through the docking platform, cross-ocean orders.

  There is no doubt that the "safe and reliable, trustworthy, remote as face to face" docking platform will be the biggest stage of this online Canton Fair, but whether Chinese products can cross the screen to obtain the approval of overseas buyers, we still have unprecedented in this The answer will only be known at Yunshang International Trade Fair. But one thing can be determined now, that is, in the future we will not only see more and more digital and intelligent exhibitions in other industries and fields, but also in other industries and fields. A "new normal".