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How to use color matching in interior decoration?


Now many owners like to match their home colors and add their own "marks". But there are many questions about not understanding the interior. So how should the colors of the home be matched? Next, let me teach you.

  • Accent color


The operation is simple: black and white gray base + a key color. Black and white ash can be regarded as a "disappearing state" in the color system. Wall color, ceiling and large-area soft decoration choose black and white ash as a large base, which is equivalent to creating a blank canvas. At this time, you fill it with anything. There is nothing wrong with it.

How to use color matching in interior decoration?(图1)

Next, as long as you choose a color you like as the accent color, and let it appear repeatedly, it will give people a feeling of "this home has a good sense of design!" Black and white gray + blue, black and white gray + yellow, black and white gray + pink, black and white gray + gold are good choices.

  • Same color

    The most harmonious superposition

Some people think that the big white wall is too boring, and want to paint a bit of color to create a sense of freshness. Once the "canvas" has a color, then the matching of furniture will have higher requirements. The safest method is to superimpose the same color system: choose a single product of the same color as the wall, which can vary in shades, but it should be controlled within the same color system.

How to use color matching in interior decoration?(图2)

  • Bold contrast

    Surprise harvest

Color collision is considered to be a high-level level in color matching, and friends who want to collide should be at least somewhat sensitive to color. Of course, it is still an old saying, you can't bludgeon.

How to use color matching in interior decoration?(图3)

Contrast colors can't be hit with colors with high purity, which always gives people a feeling of losing both sides. The impact is enough but not pleasing. Blue + red, pink + gold, green + orange are all good contrast colors.

  • Three classics

    Reference selection

Black + White + Grey = Eternal classic color is not easy to match with space, so it is ugly, so most people still dare not try too bold colors, white is the safest, black + white can create a strong visual effect, gray is ease The visual conflict between black and white.

How to use color matching in interior decoration?(图4)

Blue + white = romantic tenderness White is a versatile color, but excessive use of white will also give people a monotonous feeling, resulting in visual fatigue. It looks very open with blue, and highlights the freedom of white. This Mediterranean style makes the home space closer to nature.

How to use color matching in interior decoration?(图5)

Yellow + green = bright and lively Goose yellow is a fresh color, which makes people feel happy, and green makes people feel calm and serene. Green neutralizes the lightness of goose yellow, so that the entire space is calmed down, that is, vivid and lively without losing the atmosphere and stability. This color is suitable for young couples.

How to use color matching in interior decoration?(图6)